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How it works

Create Nodes and Start Earning

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    Create Nodes Using $HONE

    Using our native token HONE users will be able to create Nodes from four tiers and earn between 1-1.75% daily.

  • 2

    Compound, Claim, or Merge Nodes

    On our platform, users will be able to claim their rewards to sell for a profit, compound their rewards into additional nodes, or upgrade their nodes to higher tiers by combining multiple lower tier nodes. 

  • 3

    Rent Your Nodes

    On our platform we'll have a unique feature, where users can "rent" their nodes, essentially receiving a fixed monthly payment in stables from other users( who are unable to purchase a full node), in exchange for the returns from their nodes. 

By The Numbers


HONE Supply


Presale Price


Public Price


Minimum Node Size

Tier Size Daily ROI Days to Breakeven
Nano 10 $HONE 1%  100
Pico 20 $HONE  1.15% 87
Mega 50 $HONE  1.35% 75
Giga 100 $HONE  1.75% 58

Harmony Nodes Roadmap

A Timeline of All Major Phases of Harmony Nodes

March 3 - 5

Community Building

Open up discord & work on growing the Harmony Nodes Community. 
Release First Medium Article
Release Whitepaper and Gitbook Docs

March 5 - 10

Marketing and Development

Focus on marketing the community organically and word of mouth
Form partnerships with large accounts on twitter and youtube.
Conduct Community AMA
Release DAPP

March 25-29


Conduct NFT presale for whitelisted members.               

April-14 - April 20

Public Sale

Public sale, with node creation and merging immediately available on launch. Antibot measures to be put in place.  

Frequently asked questions.
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What is Harmony Nodes and what makes this project unique?

Are you audited or KYCd?

Where is the team located and what's their background?

How can I get whitelisted?

What do whitelisted members get?

When is the presale? 

How will the presale work?

When is public launch?

What are the tokenomics of your platform?

Do you guys have any plans for treasury investments?

How can you guarantee the sustainability of our protocol?